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Understanding Strategies  

 for the Emotional Wellbeing of Children, Adolescents, Adults & Families  

Rayna Shock MA,

UKCP reg Child & Adult Counsellor / Psychotherapist,

Clinical Supervisor,

Trainer & Consultant

Services for Independent Schools 

 INSETS, CPD Workshops & Talks for Staff, Students & Parents

With her wealth of experience gained over 40 years, both as a teacher and ten as a psychotherapist working in a wide range of schools, a young people's counselling charity for 16 years, as well as in private practice, Rayna is well placed to help schools with all aspects of their pastoral provision

Below are just some of  the services that Rayna's company, Understanding Strategies, can offer schools:


  • Consultancy on all aspects to do with pastoral provision (including how schools can provide a pastoral provision that is holistic and joined up)

  • Supervision for DSLs and for pastoral staff

  • Counselling for students and staff

  • Bespoke INSETS 

  • Assemblies

  • PSHE sessions on any topic to do with mental health / emotional wellbeing

  • Talks and workshops for teachers, students and parents

  • Advice on setting up Mentoring and Buddy services

  • Help with the recruitment and interviewing of suitable school counsellors

  • Advice on how to set up an effective counselling service in schools 

  • Bespoke or pre-prepared written resources and guides for use in PSHE 

  • Day conferences, which focus on mental health.

Please feel free to contact Rayna using the contact form below to discuss your school's needs.


 High Achieving Girls' Schools

In addition to  founding and establishing counselling services in numerous mixed state schools over the past 20 years and chairing a young people's counselling charity, Rayna's special passion is working with high achieving girls of all ages and backgrounds. 

Rayna has gained her experience, during a career that spans over 40 years, first as a teacher heavily involved in pastoral work and then as counsellor, in some of the leading girls schools in London. The wealth of experience that Rayna has acquired over the years, together with the additional understanding gained from being the parent of two girls who attended independent schools, gives Rayna the unique ability to understand the emotional needs of high achieving girls of all ages.from a uniquely holistic perspective.. It is this deep understanding, which makes her so sought after as a consultant and speaker in leading girls' schools, in particular. 

Please see above some of the things that we can offer and contact Rayna to discuss your needs. 'Understanding Strategies'can offer a bespoke service and we look forward to speaking to you.  


Counselling & Consulting - All Primary & Secondary Schools

Rayna is  available for counselling in school or privately, depending on availability. She is qualified to work with children of all ages, staff, parents and families. If Rayna, herself, is not available, she can suggest other fully qualified and experienced therapists for you to interview, with whom 'US' collaborates.

Rayna can also advise on how to set up end run a counselling service in school; and can offer clinical supervision and training to counsellors if required. She has advised a number of schools on how to choose a counsellor and has helped them recruit, assess and interview suitable candidates.

Please contact Rayna using  the contact form below to discuss your requirements further.

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